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WANT AND NEED (a truce or truth)

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   For most of us when we were little we all had this notion of what we want to be when we grow up. When someone ask us who we want to be, in our young and innocent minds we begin to dole out series of professions we would like to take up. For example, we want to be an Engineer, a Doctor, a Lawyer, an Architect, a Banker and so on. But what we never knew at that point was what 'life' as it is will throw at us. At that time we never see beyond our noses, rather all we saw was a life full of beautiful roses.

    Still as we grew much older, some under the comfort of their parents or guardians, we still didn't understand where we were heading, because at that point we still didn't know the difference between what we 'wanted' and what we 'needed'. Why? The truth is, for some what they wanted to become actually worked out for them, they attended school or started a business and achieved their lifelong dream in becoming ‘whatever they said they wanted to be, but for the majority it’s in the opposite direction, because one way or the other, life or something happened that altered that notion they had when they were still pretty young.
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    But wait a minute, in the previous paragraph I'm definitely certain you saw or noticed a word in bold letters right? What is the purpose of that? If you really observed right from the first paragraph, we've been talking about what we want to be when we grow and in the second paragraph we used the word 'whatever' too. The untold fact is, most of us never ponder about this question:  who do I need to be when I grow up or in another way that do I need to be as I grow older?  Now to address this question and to ponder deeply about it, we need to leave what I want to be aside and think of  who I need be .

     The untold truth is, to understand who we need to be, it takes "humility and modesty". Why you may wonder? Well as humans our wants is insatiable, we always want the best of the latest. The latest cars, apartments, shoes, clothes, bags, phones, gadgets and appliances. We even want the current most beautiful ladies and handsome men. The spirit of what we want drives us to a point when we begin to feel desperate, sad and empty despite our present level of various achievements. So how can we be happy within?

    First, we have to understand the value of who we need to be. Why? If we take time to ponder on who we need to be, it will go a long way to helping us know what we need Let's take an instance, if you have learned to be a patient person which is one of the qualities we need, when you observe that a coworker or a friend isn't fast about doing something, you'll understand and easily go with the flow. Or let's say you are expecting something from a person, patience also helps you not to put pressure on them. The same goes for other beautiful qualities that exist.

    Secondly, what we need comes from necessities and essentials. Just to make it easier to understand, you can read these texts on your screen; you can scroll and do other tasks. You can touch, feel, cry, laugh and express yourself through various means. But the question is: Do you know there are millions of people who can't do what you can? Do you know there are millions who need just a pinch of what you can do or possess? So, rather than pursue the things you want, seek   qualities you need because they'll build and help you to knowing your essential. Let's work on who we need to be not what we want to be. Keep your fingers crossed for the next one, entitled. Let me keep you all guessing.

MacKennery Heartz
a touch of mine


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(An elephantine cause)
    All over the globe, there are millions of languages and dialects spoken by people from different countries and places that make them unique from the neighboring one. But what was the inception of language? Why aren't we all speaking one beautiful language knowing fully well we are all made by one creator? Now this brings us to the first point where we need to define the word "language". It is a form of communication using words either spoken or gestured with the hands and structured with grammar (a system of rules and principles for speaking and writing a language), Often with a writing system. What about Color? In this sense, it is the human skin tone especially as an indicator of race or ethnicity. Also it is an interest especially in a selective area. Why all this definitions you may ask all over again?
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    Well, as mentioned earlier and for emphasis there are thousands of languages and they all didn't come to existence by mistake or by chance, rather God made man to fill the whole earth and to speak one language, but due to a certain man's stupid interest and desire he wanted to alter that supreme purpose to keep man in one particular location and thereby he built a gigantic tower for that aim. But the Creator decided to keep his purpose for man in line by splitting that 'one language' into several, then people started migrating to different places moving along with those that speak and understand their tongue, thereby bringing God's purpose to fulfillment though at a very huge cost.
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   So as it led to a problem then, for centuries now, language and color is still a source of discrimination and cause for differences in cultures, customs, habits, beliefs, traditions and so on. It has affected Our way or sense of reasoning, altered our feelings and in born qualities despite the fact that we are made in God's likeness or image. Now this fall in our human anatomy and weakness breeds room for certain thoughts to control us and for some, it's just sheer ignorance because at the end of the day, it's always baseless excuses or reasons that prompts us into seeing things in that light. Some just feel one nation or ethnic group is better than others which causes a huge rift among humans the world over. Let's not even go too far because here in
Nigeria alone that we are all dark skinned, we treat ourselves like "animals" or "lepers" because the sound of another language alone causes a negative stir in us and we begin to insult one another as if we are far better than the next person.

    It's so terrible to the point that some employers of labor reject
certain ethnic groups for one or more reasons at all times no matter how qualified or experienced those persons may be, especially in the matters of marriage, people make selections of whom to marry depending on one's ethnic group or the tribe one belongs to and this has become a norm
in our society. Some parents give this excuse: they don't want their child to be taken too far away from them", so they reject every man or lady their child brings home that doesn't fall in their own ethnic requirements. 
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    Now some people have blamed God for ranging our color or complexion and language. Why? They say it would've been better if God had made us all in the skin tone and same language. But what we must consider and ask ourselves is this: If we are a manufacturer or maker of certain types of products: Phones, Cars, Furniture and so on. Are we going to love to make all identical or same colors? Or would we love to type and print our magazines or books in just plain white on white or just black on black? That's a food for thought. So if we can search ourselves reasonably well and deep enough before we respond to these questions, then we are on the right path to understanding that our Creator is too great and far too wise not to have a purpose for
his creations and things he does. Also, we are simply made in His image that's why we love and cherish colors too. 

    So it's in our hands to erase this demeaning or demoralizing view of others simply because they don't share our ethnicity, skin color or not from the same background. Let's love all because we are neighbors meant to apply the second greatest commandment of all time.

MacKennery Heartz
a touch of mine


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DAY AND BOARDING SCHOOL (Taking the roles of Parenthood)

     It is said that "children are precious gifts from God", they are also "the inheritance" to their parents. But the question is, how should one treat a precious gift when received? And how can one groom or build something to the point of seeing and regard it as an inheritance? To answer this important question, let's first consider some key points that deserve our attention, then we will breakdown the question that was asked earlier. 
     Education is the foundation of any child to becoming enlightened about life generally. It is a structure that shapes a child's understanding to growth and development. It plays a key role in helping a child to grow in knowledge, to build and shape his or her mental capacity. It does not stop there.  It is like a drug prescription given by a doctor that needs to be given at the proper time. In other words, education breeds enlightenment. Yet if the prescription and dosage is misused, it could lead to numerous complications that could change the course of a child's growth and development.

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    It is true every child deserves to be educated, they deserve to be able to identify and relate with other people and their environment. I remember then when my father used to relate what school was back then, though they weren't as advanced as we are in science and technology now, still they were able to make a great deal of the things they learned and knowledge they acquired. Children back then knew when to go, when to be in and the definite time to leave school. Even in the 80s when I was born and the early 90s, school was awesome and fun, even when we didn't have the privilege of attending a private one, the public ones were a master class! We respected our teachers and this sprang a certain positive dread of our teachers, so in order not to be a scapegoat we do our best to please them. Though there were some who still displayed the traits of a goat, but not as rampant as it is everywhere now. 

    To those who lived back then or even before, do you ever remember been in school till 4, 5 or 6pm? Can you recollect been in school when you were just a baby? No I doubt it!! Despite the fact that we got admitted to school when we were much older, still education was at its positive pitch then.
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    Nowadays, our schools have taken the roles of our dear parents. From infancy, a child is now placed in school and left there till about six in the evening without the touch and attention of the mother. Most of the things the child needs to learn from the mother or father is now a modern course or subject  in our schools. Parents no longer have enough time to spend with their children and some even make worse by sending their wards to boarding schools at a very tender age. When you ask them the reason, they say 'so that the child can learn discipline or be given the proper discipline. But it begs the question:  What is the parent's primary role in the growth and development of their children?  

    It is paramount that before a child is brought forth into this world, parents must ask themselves the above question. It is not mine to tell what should be done or not for the mental, moral, emotional, social or physical growth of their child, but as parents fail to see or understand the value of their role, the bitter truth is,  it is only little that a school can do   because the foundation the parents ought to have prepared is what the schools build on and when the bedrock isn't there, what happens?

  Young ones are like sponges, they absorb what they see and hear. Haven't you noticed sometimes that it was when your little one got admitted to school he or she began to say or use some bitter words? Or he/she started doing some preposterous things that might shame one or even leave one bewildered? The truth is you can never be too sure what your little wards is exposed to when they are away. There are some boys and girls who have become homosexuals because of early exposure and no parent attention or scrutiny, while unfortunately some have been abused even by those who teach or ought to guide and guard them. 

    We are not saying here that parents shouldn't take or send their wards to school; neither are we saying it is bad, because we all know how important it is. We also know that both parent needs to work sometimes to make ends meet so as to survive. Still our maximum focus is, it is important, ideal and very essential for parents to do their own special and God-given homework before they send their children out, because we all know the saying "  failure to plan is tantamount to planning to fail"  Finally, parents even when your child needs to stay out long in school because of extra classes, be observant, approachable, be kind enough to teach them and vigilant to warning signs.

     Be the school your child deserves and needs before and after you send them off to school.  Please stay connected for more.

MacKennery Heartz
a touch of mine