Ten craziest Bank Robberies

 Robbery is fun only in movies. It disastrous when it happens in the real world, like movies, dollars are carted away. Here are 10 crazy and record breaking bank robberies and their locations

10. Dunbar Armoured Robbery –about N6 billion

A well-known robbery in Dunbar about 11 years back still in the populace mind.
Security cameras were damaged guards where helpless a 6 billion naira was loaded in a U-Haul vehicle. A regional safety inspector named Allen Pace, made a strategy of thieving the money from a LA car depot and recruited conspirators for the heist.
9. British Bank of the Middle East – N 10 Billion

Year 1976 was a bad year for those who banked with British Bank of the Middle East, a whooping amount was stolen over N10 believed the robbers blew catholic church beside the bank to gain access to the bank. The thieves still believed to be members of the PLO or Palestine Liberation Organization did this unbelievable crime. A day wasn’t enough for this atrocity. Cash, jewelleries, notes and gold was carted away

8. United California Bank – N9 billion

Amil Dinsio, a name never to be forgotten along with his family friends’ relatives making 7 in number attacked the United California Bank in 1972. Amil brother and his brother an epert in explosives must have been there blew the vault to gain entry
7. Northern Bank Robbery – N6 billion

Unimaginable!!!!!  Only two men stole about N6 billon in December 2004. This bank is located in Ireland. Before attacking the bank, two bank officials were kidnapped this helped them in gaining access to the bank. Sadly only one was apprehended.
6. Securitas Depot – N20.8 billion
Great Britain worst ever was just 10 years back. Fourteen bank workers were tied up, the bank manager and hostage his wife and son was kidnapped by the thieves. A total of N 28 Billion was taken. Although later apprehended, the did has been done.  
5. Knightsbridge Security Deposit – N50 Billion
U.K and his desperados most dreaded in Italy. Valerio Viccei, a name never to be forgotten in UK after he launched an attack on the Knightsbridge Security Deposit on July 12, 1987. A movie-like robbery was performed. His gang took over the security and placed a closed sign on the door. He was imprisoned for 22 years but was later killed in a shootout on the day of his release. He was wanted for over 45 robberies.

4. Banco Central Bulgary – N30 Billion
                             Image result for Banco Central Burglary pictures
Reliable, advanced, sophisticated devices and the security team were not able to stop these outlaws in the year 2005. An apartment very close to the bank was rented and this group of criminals unimaginably tunnelled the way to the banks vault and made away with 50 bank notes that were believed to be about N30 Billion.
3. Dar El Salaam Bank – N70 Billion
                            Image result for dar el salaam bank robbery pictures
The best inside job ever. On July 12, 2007 in Bagdad, workers resumed duties like a normal day only to notice the vault was opened and there is no money in it. Over N70 billion was gone. Not confirmed though, securities were believed to have done this. No security alarm. Both the army and police were sorted because it not possible to walk away with that kind of money uncaught.
2. Central Bank of Iraq- N300 Billion
                             Image result for central bank of iraq robbery pictures
Never in man history as there been another bank robbery. It happened in 2003. Who is the mastermind? It no other than the world famous: Saddam Hussein. A written note was given to his son Qusay to withdraw money from the bank. That seems simple? Well that just the beginning. He sent a set of bandits to bomb Iraq yes Iraq was bombed and war started. Hundreds of dollars was kept in boxes. And this was later found in walls of his palace. Only half was recovered by US forces.

1. The Reichsbank Robbery – N90 tillion
                             Image result for The Reichsbank Robbery pictures
The world’s biggest and largest robbery happened in the year 1933. During the Second World War, Germany experienced Guinness’s world record in the world. About N90 trillion was carted away, though not all in cash.


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