"FRANK! FRANK! If u continue like this, u will lose all your friends o!"

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1. A man caught his wife in bed with his best friend. Out of anger, he took his gun and shoots his friend. Out of fear, his wife shouted, "FRANK! FRANK! If u continue like this, u will lose all your friends o!"
2. Peter: teacher, do honey have legs?
Teacher: No, but why do you ask?
Peter: because, last night, i over heard my dad saying, Honey, please open your legs wide.
3. SON: Mom, grandma is so annoying, I wish she will just die.
MOTHER: Idiot, it's your mother that will die not mine.
4. A man goes into a library and asks for a
book on suicide.
The librarian says, "Bleep off, you won't bring
it back."
5. Ochuko: why are u tip toe-ing infront of the chemist?
Akpos: I don't want to wake the sleeping pills
6. Okon: why are u writting this letter so slow?
Akpos: because the person am writting it to, doesn't read fast
7. Husband buys 5 of the same color of pants for
his wife.
WIFE: Ah! Same color? People will
think i don't change my panties.
HUSBAND Which people?
8. Teacher: our topic today is question tag. Eg: obi is a boy. Isn't he? Yes he is. Can I have other examples.
Ochoku: we go chop yam today Chopin't we?
Teacher: wrong, can anybody correct him?
Akpors: don't mind that block head We go chop yam today. Yamin't we?
Teacher fainted.
Which is your funniest?

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