Shut up or we'll both lose our jobs.

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A graduate of zoology from a Nigerian university was having difficulty in finding a job. He saw an advert in one of the daily newspaper for a job at a zoo. In the interview, the manager told him that their gorilla which had been tourists' attraction had died so they needed someone to dress up and pretend to be like a gorilla. The graduate was embarrassed, but since the salary was ok, he accepted the job. The first day, he put on the gorilla skin and entered the cage, he started jumping up and down, beating his chest and roaring like a gorilla. The next day, he put on the gorilla skin and started moving around the zoo again and mistakenly entered another cage where he found himself staring at a lion. The lion roared and rushed towards him. The scared graduate quickly forgot that he was a gorilla and started shouting like a human, "Help! Help!" The lion leaped on him, knocked him to the ground and whispered in his ear, " # FEMI, it's me # DAYO, your course mate. Shut up or we'll both lose our jobs."