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Girl:   hi handsome?
Boy:   mcheeeew!
Girl:   c'mon I mean no harm, dude. Spare me a few minutes of ur time.
Boy:   say what u have to say and leave immediately.
Girl:   okay, I've been watching u pass here everyday and I feel attracted to u...
Boy:   Only that?
Girl:   I think u are hydrogen cause whenever I see u my heart beats with a pop sound.
Boy:   aawsh! stop the flattery pls.
Girl:   am damn serious. Can't u see that am not sober and am staggering? That simply proves that am drunk in love with u.
Boy:  (smiling) go straight to the point, can't u see am busy? (drawing patterns on the ground using his feet).
Girl:  wow, ur smile is like Al Quaeda terrorists cause it has just captured the territory of my heart, pls give me a chance to invest in ur heart business and u will see the profits through my love for u.
Boy:   u girls are just the same. U just want to use me and then dump me heartlessly.
Girl:   OMG! That's soo inhuman. I want to show u true love that can never even be witnessed in the Soap Operas.
Boy:  okay, let me think about it then I will reply u later.
Girl:  okay handsome, take as much time as u want. Whatever ur decision is, I will respect it but pls say Yes.
Will there ever be a beautiful time like this?
Where girls will do the 'toasting' and we the boys do the 'blushing' or is it just wishful dreaming?.........
樂樂樂樂樂樂 I am personally waiting for this kinda girls to come my way else I'll stay single saaaaa....who else  is waiting with me. Raise up your hands lemme see

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