found love?

The word beauty is not suitable to express your exquisiteness.
A new word should be etymologized to communicate your glamour.
Beauty seems to be too common and unsuitable for a princess like you.

Too early for infatuation, but I need a light when am dark.

Your face is brighter than a full moon.
Your smile is more beautiful than a morning sun.

Your beauty and humor made me lost so I couldn't help but convey it.
Scared of falling in love again but another trial for you won't be bad.

Saw you in my dream. Kissed you a thousand times.

Woke and you not here. Would kiss you to show am real.
Saw you that night and immediately knew you right for me.

Though not the first time of feeling love.
But i never held the moon this long.

I know what I want.
Won't stop till I have it(you).

Like an eagle my sigh is fixed and my aim is high.
No mountain is too high to climb to you.

Want to be with you when you scared and alone.
Whisper my name when your heart cries for love.

Getting you would lead to consequence.
But am ready for it.

Found love?