How hateful love treated me.

Those who once looked for me, why do they later flee?
With no shoes, they peep through my windows;
They’ve once been docile, friendly and tender,
How wild have they grown? How short their memories that they forget easily?
Then I saw how friends became enemies.
All for my love.

Riches! Riches!! Oh Riches!!!
Thou need to be acknowledged.
Once? No over and over for you are exceptional,
In squeaky display, after a pleasing appearance,
When her slack evening dress falls from her shoulders,
And she caught me in her arms long and small,
And there with lovely kisses all over me,
And she said, 'Dear love, do you like this?'

Am I dreaming?  No I am awake.
Days ago, I do remember how you loved me,
Oh why me, Why has thou forsaken me?
Now I have to let go her
And I have leave to go from her desirableness’.
Seeing her displaying a newfangledness brings nothing but pains.

How bad and undesirable has life treated me?