Last week, there was a program going on in our church titled "law fest".
This is a program whereby, you will buy a gift, wrap and package it, another person will buy his or her own gift, wrap and package it, and then we will all gather in the church and exchange the gifts. So last week, I don't have much money with me and I don't want to miss the program because, I must gain a nice gift from someone. So I decided to buy anything, I went and bought garri, u know that garri use to be heavy, so I package the garri in form of television, I bought a carton of television, put the garri inside and support it with a heavy stone, then I packaged it, and it gave me a shape of television. So when I arrived at the church, people were dragging to seat with me because they want to exchange their own gift with mine. (Una don die today) I said in my mind" Finally a girl who also brought her own gift sat near me, her gift has the shape of a fridge, I don't know what is inside but I believe is a nice gift. (I don hammer"I said in my mind) So when it got to the time of exchanging of gifts, me and the girl both exchanged our gifts, she smiled and collected my own gift that contains garri and stone but in shape of television. I collected her own gift, it was heavy like a fridge, I ran home quickly before the girl will change her mind. When I got home, I lock my door and windows, very happy that I have cheated the girl and collected her nice gift, but I have begged God for forgiveness because I don't have much money. When I opened the gift, behold!! I saw two bags of sand with two heavy stones bigger than the stone I put inside my own gift, when I opened the bag of sand
I saw a written letter, which reads "I saw you yesterday when you are packaging your own garri and stone, you think you are wise"
I just fainted.......

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