life and it uncertainties

Life a four letter word? Easy to spell?
But it diversities is like the four coordinates of the earth.
It different diversity as a facet that converges to each and every one of us.
Though fair to them, others' is their wish.
O how heartbroken they would be?
Life full of ups and downs.
Filled with uncertainties.
We all hope it get better,
But we expect the worst.
We all want to love for ever.
Even in pains and sufferings,

No one wants to die.
How quick is life.
Zero to a hundred.
Hundred? How many make that?
O true is it that it full of uncertainties.
When we die we want our names to be to generations.
We all have what we want offer to life.
But in life only a few accomplish it.
The few are it hero's.
Life heroes? It’s Mighty ones?
They've all falling in death.

With life they made names.
But now many are forgotten few remembered.
Who are its hero's?
Alexander the great?
Achellies of Greece?
Squanto (c. 1580–c. 1622
It dishearten that some still chase names.
You may wonder?
Why life?
Is it all there is?
Are we in expectation of more?
What has it offered?
Wt will it offer?
Well .......
What's more? Live your life.
How? With happiness.
Why? No one knows tomorrow.
Because? Life is too short to bank on.
So? Get in. Live it, Get out.
Why acquire it wealth?
Why gather it fortunes?
Why store up it treasures?
Why bank on it uncertainties?
History says with or without names, we all die.
In death, we all equal.