Nigeria O Nigeria

Compared to others, she is but a girl.
But how old and weary she grew as time flies.

Someone everyone wants to be known with
Her beauty such as fertile land, cocoa, crude oil etc.

These her children, the thieves embezzled
Stripped off her cloth she lies naked in the blazing sun

Left in her old hut to die and wither,
her children finds comfort in neighboring houses.

Gone are the days when her beauty was adorned,
as time flies, she became ugly and shameful.

A laughing stock is she among her contemporaries,
with shame disgrace and self-disgust she covers herself.

Terrorist took over her head.
Avengers are at her heel.

The once clothed with beautiful textiles, anointed with ointment and ringed with gold.
Now she wears rag known with fetidness and in stables she resides.

Values, pride, glories are what she taught her children,
but scams rituals selfishness and egotism they learnt

Her once slave who was at her mercy,
is now one who is better off than her.

She is all we got. We can't have another.
We are all she got. No other can replace us.

Let make her clean.
Yes let unanimously wash her dirt's.

Let make her beautiful.
Yes let make new cloths for her.

Let make her the Queen she was.
Yes let rejuvenate her.

Yes we can. That if we ready.

Written by Giftee.
Edited by Nakelium.