Wonder shall never end. Imagine a boy calls police after his dad violated a red Light

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The Massachusetts city of Quincy police released an audio call from a young boy telling on his dad for driving through a red light.
In the soundtrack sent online by law enforcement agencies in the Massachusetts city of Quincy, the pint-sized crime-fighter was heard telling a dispatcher about his father's alleged traffic offence.
"Um, daddy went past a red light," reported the boy.
"He has a black truck. He was in a brand-new car, my mummy's car."
When the dispatcher asks what happened next, the boy, named as Robert, says his dad did this on the way to the car wash.
"Then he went past the red light," the boy says again.
The correspondent spoke to the boy's father, who picks up the phone.
"Oh, no," the man says, with an uncomfortable laugh. "I apologise."
"No problem," the dispatcher says.
The police department said the boy was six years old, but his father says on the call he is five.
Quincy Police did not charge the reported violation and no ticket was issued.

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