I still can't believe it. It’s still baffles me, never knew am capable of doing such act....I just KILLED him........It keeps bothering me, but before you judge me, you should know am also a victim. Yes he made me his victim.
He walked majestically into my peaceful world, I gave him the space he needed but he won’t be satisfied. Yes, he wanted to govern my world and make me what he is A THIEF. He destroys my peace at night, oh my precious sleep, that not all. Turning my night to a sleepless one and my day into a busy one, he didn’t stop there it attacked my food. I even considered myself his slave in my own little world.
“Enough is enough, it completely over for you.” I comforted myself that day. “I won’t give him the chance to ruin me”, I confirmed. I decided to confront him. Facing him in the dark, with light he would run away, to make it worse, he would go without the light and hide.

I had to take immediate action I told myself. Yes it time for change. Thanks to a nearby supermarket, I was able to get a ‘southern glue’. I smiled thinking I would trap this little funny creature, funny? Sorry I mean annoying, with the hope of sending him out of my room, my world.
I set my new trap close to my kitchen, was vigilant that night but sadly, it didn't get him. The second day I was so tired so I slept off. Woke up early, ran toward the trap I fixed, alas it is there motionless. I decide to wait till daybreak to dispose it, hoping it would be dead. 

To my surprise it was still living, wanted to dispose it with the southern glue, but the little creature was just staring at me with an innocent eye. A passer-by tapped me gently and in a calm voice said “break his head and remove him from the glue or he would come back if I don't kill him”.
I told myself “it’s either ₦100 glue and the rat or my peaceful night sleep and my food”. So I just threw both the glue and the rat away. Fortunately, I enjoyed my sleep for two good days. Yes only two days. 

On the third day’s morning, I visited my kitchen to warm my freshly prepared soup but sadly I noticed something unusual. I wanted to have a good look I went closer with my well charged touch, I couldn’t believe what I saw. A dead rat!!! Wondered if there was there was another rat in my room. No!!! I tried to convince myself. It wouldn’t do any bad if I have a better look I told myself. Switching my touch to it's brightest, I move a bit closer and I saw gum on it. It must have been the same rat. Confused and scared I took few steps backward. Sweating profusely, I ask myself: why is it here? Was it the passer by? Where is my southern glue?  Or is the rat here for revenge? “Oh, my new soup!!!” I exclaimed. What has it done to my pot soup? I decided to get rid of it finally but it got stuck to my kitchen wall.
Am kind of lost here
My ₦100 gone! A dead rat on my wall!! And finally my soup!!!

Written by Kim Kate
Edited by Nakelium

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