Gone are the days when our movie industries educate us. Saying educate, I mean in all ratification, educationally, socially, religiously and even culturally. Then our home video teaches norms which helped a lot.

Home setting movie
They then show the importance of listening to one's parent. Such movies start with 2 kids, one been obedient and the other, otherwise. The whole story would show that the obedient one lives a good and satisfying life. He gets a good job, has good children and lives a good life. The disobedient on the other hand suffers shame. Some ends with latter been thrown into prison or meets untimely death. Others get unwanted pregnancies. Obedience was then thought and it helped in correcting children since parent can easily point to characters in the movie and ask if he wants to suffer the same fate.

Educational movie
This shows two characters. One who takes his education serious and the other have a nonchalant attitude towards life. The formal gets a good job and family, while the other with the nonchalant attitude suffers. Some writers then even go far by showing that the nonchalant one do odd jobs for the formal. This helps kids then to face their studies.


Cultural inclined movies
Writers of these movies are not behind when educating. They explain punishments that are befitting different wrong doing. They help inculcate fear in the heart of wrong doers. Stating instant punishments from their gods on thieves, fornicators and other wrong doers, these social vices think twice before doing wrong.

Religious movies
They show the importance of serving one's God faithfully and not adding any other god to them. They show consequences of disobedience and most of the writers show forgiveness is guaranteed for those who repent.


funny movies 
Yes funny movies were common then. Movies that would make you laugh but they were in one way or the other educative. Remember Osufia in London? Papa Ajasco? These are movies that were funny but still educative and informative. Older ones too learn to do things on the right way.


Sadly, what are our movies promoting now? Though, some end with punishments for wrong doers, but is that the main reason for the movie's production? Well we know the answer is no. What do our movies portray?

  • sex and it's fun
  • Ways of stealing with magical powers and getting away.
  • Funny but in the real sense, they are senseless.
  • Making money from any source and spending it on club girls.
  • Ways to get away with a crime.
  • Fun of been a rebellious child.

What are the results of these movies?

Bad economy 
Yes bad economy. Movie Nigerians, view fun as the most important thing in life. They spend their hard earned money on valueless things like girls and other irrelevant things. With what result, only few save while most spend. This leads to most low standard of living
Higher crime rate
Crime rate in our country has increased drastically and can be traced to our movie industry. A woman once said she heard on radio about a boy less than 10 and he is an experienced robber. The question is who taught him? The industry has a part to play in our ever increasing crime rate.
Increased corruption
Only a few would understand this and I hope you do. Most youth don't want to work but they all want money. Yes more money. You hear them say our government is a take yours when you get there. Since they believe it a national cake, they want to be in power too.
Poorer social norms 
Years back, smokers smoke in secret places like bushes, uncompleted places etc. You only know smokers by their body or mouth odor. Now, it only normal to see them unchallenged on the street with their well wrapped weed. Who dare challenge them? Enforcement agencies? Well you just asked a cat to arrest fried meat.
Lack of decency
Our ladies now feel it normal to dress naked. Let me say half naked. At least parts of their breast are still in cloth and their hips are with bum shorts. It a common mode of dressing for our ladies to appear half naked. You see guys ’sagging’ their shorts. Homosexuality is also getting rampant in our movies. 

What can we do?
Or is it over?
  • Our movie industry should stop illicit movies.
  • Only proper words should be used in our movies.
  • Educating should be the Paramount thing they want to display.
  • Our societal needs should be incorporated in our movies.

Written by Nakelium

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