Love a feeling that can bring two people Together,
A feeling that can bind them Forever.
Sometimes a Man and a Lady can look up at the same time and their eyes Meet,
The attraction is so great that they are moved to the edge of their Seat.

Their hearts racing and beating so Loud,
Fortunately the feeling is mutual and they become ever so Proud.
A great connection mounts from There,
And they are seen together Everywhere.
Then later at their alone times, they begin to wonder what attracted them to each Other,
They can’t seem to phantom the true reasons and it just remain a Bother.
Nothing else stays in their mind but the other person's Face,
It could be the physique or confidence and it could be her qualities or the way she walks with Grace.
The distraction grows as the day passes By,
You just can’t seem to tell the thoughts Goodbye.

You just smile even at the odd and unlikely Moments,
Like someone running an advert for Close up or Pepsodent.
You see the person in almost everything you Do,
Still how and why it happens you don’t seem to have a Clue.
Its true many love stories may not all begin this Way,
But you'll agree it’s a force of Attraction and Distraction especially when the feeling takes your breath Away...

WRITEN BY MacKennery Heartz...

EDITED BY Nakelium 

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