It’s so depressing what the situation of the world Is,
Things are so hard, yet employers of labour still hold back people's salaries and Fees.
Everything has escalated yet the wages and salaries remain the Same,
They refuse to increase your dues, still when its time they tender excuses that are very Lame.
It’s a different thing if they can’t pay when they ought To,
Still some of them don’t address you well, they display terrible Attitude.

They live large, change vehicles and clothes, still they tell their staffs there’s no Money,
Sometimes they even lay off workers without Warning.
They invest people's sweat and blood in their own personal Businesses,
Take their subordinates for granted and even trample on their patience and Weaknesses.
Some of them don’t even think like a Father or Mother,
No fellow feeling, despite knowing fully well that you Suffer.
It’s true the workers may not know the real cause why their salaries or wages is been slashed or withheld Sometimes,
Still making them feel appreciated will go a long way to clear their fears, doubts or help to read between the Lines.

Remember, you may be at the top today and tomorrow the table Turns,
You may think you have the world at your feet now and suddenly everything Burns.
So do everything that you can, don’t be the cause of your own Curse,
Don’t hurt others nor deny them of their dues, never make matters Worse.
Because if you think you are the boss and can do as you so Please,
There’s One the greatest up there, who all your suppose assets can take away or Cease.

Written by MacKennery Heartz...

Edited by Nakelium 

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