There are people in this world who don’t want to see one Grow,
They find a way to kill one's shine, so that one will not Glow.
When they see you with a new idea, they try to discourage you,
They try to make you jittery, they give one the Flu.

They say all kind of things to make one back down,
They make one feel like one's head isn't worthy of a Crown.
Even within your household, some will tell you to go with the present Flow,
No need to groom something new that will move pretty Slow.
But sometimes you may wonder: Why are they doing all these?
It’s because you are unique and you have keen eyes to see.
So don't ever give in to fear of people and Discouragement,
Don't give in to being like others, some sort of Entertainment.
Just look at some of our industries for example; we make no headway because we copy others,
We don’t encourage local ideas and talents to make us go farther.
We want to copy Mr X's attires and Styles,
When we don’t even know if he's living a life of Pretence and Lies.
We want to be seen in Miss/Mrs Y's dress Combination,
And don’t even think or care if that will cut short our monthly or weekly Ration.
Don't be a follower of trend in anything because celebrities and people are doing it,
Be a man or woman of your own and do things because it’s right and it’s fit.
Yes it’s hard, yet despite all odds i have held my horse by its Rein,
Come day, come night even when the sun shines or Rain.
Love who you are, don't be afraid of growing and who you will become,
So that one day you will look back, tell your stories to others and still tell yourself "Well done".

       written by..MacKennery Heartz...
         ...a touch of mine...
edited by Nakelium 

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