To the writer it is only natural to see a nice picture and admire it. Sometimes if view from the right angle it good but if not it depresses one's mind. In this article let address the male.
Well the writer has series of related experiences about the subject matter.
Well this mostly happens on group chat, you scroll down to see people on the group if you new or if a newbie has been added you want to know the person this is mostly natural.
Here comes the problem you see a beautiful picture of a lady, you admire her picture, you leave her page, you go back to check if your eyes were been honest with you well sometimes that might be natural. You decide to start a conversion. She replies you happy she ask for your picture, you send your best picture too. Well that too might be natural. You start asking series of questions wanting to know all about her in a day. She maybe lonely at that moment and reply well you happy. Well you've passed the first stage. In other not to be too forward you ask on the next day if she single or in a relationship. Her answer mostly makes you unhappy because most ladies are in relationships. If her answer is she is in a relationship you start withdrawing.
Well sometimes guys are lucky to get single as an answer they become happy staged two passed and they continue chatting. Since you fell for her picture you would always want to see her uploads. Here comes the stage three. Her recent uploads are not as beautiful as what made you "her attention seeker" you start withdrawing feeling bad.
Well on few occasions her pictures improves she looks more beautiful.
Next stage you want to see the her to confirm the beauty well you might be  fortunate to see what you was expecting. You start your sweet talks there and you continue later on the phone.
Well you make your move and ask her out. Sometimes few accepts while others keep posting. If you posted you feel bad. If she accepts you happy you just won a lotto. Most of these relationships crash within few months.
That leaves you unhappy and you back to stage 1
You lose your self esteem
You hate your self
You believe you are a loser
You feel neglected sometimes
Shyness sometimes happens and the most annoying is that you................