a letter to a bride

Rejoice O you chosen out of many capable women
Become the crown of your husband like the capable woman in Proverbs 12:4
May his family with joy and happiness recite Proverbs 18:22
Never look back as did Lot's wife
Instead, like rehab save your family.
Never shift blames like Eve
Instead, like Martha accept corrections.
Never become a Delilah to your husband
Instead, like Abigail be discreet and respectful.
Never become the stupid wife in Proverbs 9:13-18
Instead like Lydia pay attention to your husband.
Never become the irritating and quarrelsome wife in Proverbs 22:19
Instead like Hannah be supportive and prayerful.

May you be blessed with children like Samuel and Esther who for true worship, stood.
And not be lawless like Dinah nor Esau whose family right wasn't important to.
O how true are your words O king Lumel?
May you always keep minding his words in Proverbs 31
Let your beauty not be the external like 1 Peter 3:3.
Instead it should be your heart according to verse 4.
By your doing good and not giving in to fear, become Sarah's daughter in verse 6.
Never for once forget to be in subjection to your husband according to Ephesians 5:22.
Contentment and satisfaction I will beseech for you
Continually, I shall ask for fulfillment for you
Wisdom and understanding like Solomon I shall request on your behalf
Happiness and God's approval I shall petition on your behalf
All these for you in your soon to begin life.
May the undeserved kindness of the lord Jesus in revelation 22:21 be with you and your husband.

written by Nakelium