I Wanted to buy book in a bookshop, then I saw some books with these following Titles:
(1) How to look Beautiful/Handsome by: Obasanjo.
I was confused!

(2). Food that will make you grow tall by: Osita Iheme (pawpaw). 
I was so confused!!

(3). My Love for Nigeria by: Abubakar Shekau.                                                          
 Very surprised!
(4). Tips on how to get married by: Genevieve Nnaji.
I was shocked!

(5).The Joy of Poverty by: Aliko Dangote. 
over shocked!!

(6).Guidelines on how to pass your English Language by: Patience Jonathan.
I just fainted!!!!!

Abeg  if it's u, which of them would you buy
Pls dont laf alone pls share 

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