Friendship, one of life's most valuable thing. World's survival depends on communication and interrelationships with others. In life, we can't handle hour problems ourselves. We need some one that would always be there for us.We have different friends for several reasons. Your friend is someone's enemy. Friendship brings happiness and contentment.

But who can we call a friend?
1. A common saying a friend is someone closer than a brother.
2. Someone sticking close when you in need.
3. Someone you enjoy been with.
4. Someone loyal to you.
5. Someone who makes you smile.
6. Someone who finds no pleasure in hurting you.
7. Someone kind to you.
8. Someone who respects you.
9. Someone ready to listen to you.
10. Someone who is ready to cry and laugh with you.

   “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard

Tips on been a better friend:
We shall consider five factors that aids friendship.
1. Listening
Communication is needed in friendship to grow. Listening though not easy, a true friend tries to know what bothers the mind of friend. Asking question to prove you care. Giving advice when needed would also be appreciated.

2. Facts
Friendship is based on what you heard, know and feel about the individual. Information about what you heard and know about your friend matters a lot. If they true, this grow into intimacy. You, with this know his do and don't thing that make him happy and angry.

3. Time
Spending time together for recreation fosters the growth of friendship. What if distance is the problem? Well...... Calls messages show you still care about the person.

4. Idea sharing
Tell your friend what you think and feel about something this will help them know they are important and this goes a long way.

5. Deciding
Sometimes, you need to act for your friend. Since you already know a lot about your friend, you know what please them and you know how he or she would have rejected if he is live in the situation.

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” ― Helen Keller

There are different types of friends

1. Acquaintance  Though this is the first step in a relationship, but some people won't pass this stage in your friendship rank. They are people in your school, recreational centres, streets, work place etc. They are those you just greet. You would be fine without them.

2. Coach
Someone who gives you ideas and advice. Someone keen on you. He sees something in you and wants to develop it. He wants you to achieve your dream. He is your mentor

3. Companions
Someone who is there to make you laugh during distress. He there to give relief during pain. Someone that put smile on your face.

4. Challenger
A honest friend. A friend not scared to point your mistake lovingly. He tells you the truth. He stands up against you when he feels you wrong. He attacks you when he hears or sees you do something about you.

5. Loyalist
Someone there, ever there, always there. There through thick and thin. Someone you can tell everything and anything. Someone you feel is closer than a relative. Someone who is willing to carry your load for you. Someone you feel free to pour your feeling to


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