marry her

1. If your girlfriend come to your house and joining you in drinking garri, marry her.
2. If you take her to a restaurant and she picked gala/ pure water instead of expensive meals, she is understanding marry her.
3. If she sees someone with bugatti and decided to follow u with keke, my brother na ur bone b dat.
4. She come to ur house and even watch ur brothers and sisters clothes, marry her fast.
5. You gave her 50k for shopping but she went for okirika and bring back 45k to u, marry her coz she read economic.
6. She will call u everyday and ask if u need recharge card, brother claim her o!
7. If the girl use to give u her pocket money every week, she loves u marry her.
8. If both of u enter bus and she pay, thats a good sign.
9. Whenever ure eatn 2geda and she's eating only bone while you eat meat, na ur rib bdat.
10. When u ask her what she want and she said nothing, brother, she deserves everything.

My question now is this, does a woman with any of these still exists???...